How to Erase Education on Facebook

Print this articleAlthough Facebook is a great way to connect with old and current friends, you may decide that there is such a thing as too much sharing. While you can adjust your privacy settings to hide certain entries from certain people, you can also edit your profile listing to erase anything you list on your profile, including your work history and education. Fortunately, Facebook makes it easy to access your profile entries and edit or remove them on the Edit Profile page.

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Open Facebook. Enter your user name and password, if requested to do so.


Click on your name in the top left corner of the page to go to your profile page.


Click on the "Info" link in the left column to open your profile information.


Click "Edit" next to the Word and Education section to open the Edit Profile page.


Click the "X" next to the Education entry you want to erase.


Click "Confirm" to remove the education entry.

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