A Custom URL For Your Facebook Business Page

A Custom URL For Your Facebook Business Page

Facebook is an amazing tool for free for small businesses. Your Business Facebook page should be an integral part of their marketing tactics in social media.

As your company Facebook page is growing at most as this is a great idea to take a moment to create a custom URL for your page. Facebook calls this a vanity URL. It's easy and free to create the URL of your vanity, and there are some major key benefits:

1. A summary, a custom link is easier to include in printed marketing materials such as postcards, brochures and business cards. For example, when Facebook assigns a link to a page of the company, which looks like this: Facebook.com/pages/Creative-Marketing-Guru/192868497408571 sk = wall?. What a mouthful! Once you customize your unique domain becomes much shorter: facebook.com / CreativeMarketingGuru. See how it's much easier to type than the original URL? The new address will be easier to format a card or postcard.

Second Many business owners do not realize a vanity URL is possible so now it's time to make sure your company name before someone picks up on.

There's no time like the present! Let's start ...

How do I set up a custom URL for your Facebook business page:

Step one: ". Like" The page must be at least 25 fans, or 25 If you have not yet reached 25, as Mark, start marketing your page by sending their clients, family and friends and ask, "how". Note: This requirement is reduced to September 2009 for the year 1000 "like it" - thank goodness!

Step two: Connect with your Facebook account who created the page with the companies.

Step Three: Visit www.facebook.com / username

Step Four: Select a page name of the company from the dropdown menu, type the desired name in the box and click "check availability". If the name is available, confirm your choice. Ensure that this is the URL you want. Once the URL is created, you can not change.

Step Five: Visit your new address! It will now be able to refer clients and customers instead of long URL Facebook URL originally available less memorable.

It was not that bad, huh? Your new URL is now included in all your marketing materials printed. Moreover, the link will be added to your email signature if you have not already.

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