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The other day I tried to add text and pictures on my Facebook page. I do not really understand the instructions given to me, so I decided to do a search. I beg you, when you do not know how to do something, google it or search on YouTube for instructions. There is always someone who can give you the information you need. So anyway, I was looking on YouTube to see if I could find an easier way to add to my Fanpage iFrames than copying and pasting the code. So when I was looking through videos on YouTube, I found one that says Free Facebook Fan Page Templates experts Jo Barnes.

I saw the video and follow the instructions I gave, they were in search of Facebook fan page free templates and click on the AS button. It then connects to the Academy of social networks and video contains guidelines on the use of free time. This could not be simpler! Videos of What is a Facebook page? There is also a video teaching how to create a Facebook page.

So you see the videos, follow the instructions and when you get to iFrames videos, you must click on the link Inline Models open. This page has four styles of templates, each a little different, and there are four different themes. The model I used was the model 2 or the one with the green theme. Of course, I watched the video when I was setting up my model, which makes it much easier. To do this, copy and paste the site to another window so you can have two windows open at once, one with the model and the other with the instructional video. The model is boxing, where you put specific information or images, HTML and there are also boxes, one for a banner and a opt-in form.

These models are hassle, no fuss, you do not have to scratch their heads trying to figure out what to do next. So if you want to improve the look of your Facebook page or even want to create one, and you are not sure the techno stuff, I recommend using these models.

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