Online Slander, Libel, Character Assassination, and the Psychopaths That Propel It All

Not long ago, I was contacted by a very nice person who runs a small business. Apparently, someone had some sort of grievance and then proceeded to make up slanderous comments, call them a fraud, and attempt to character assassinate them. Oh, but it got worse, as the psychopath went online and started using other fake names and going through online social networks and slandering friends and family to boot.

If this story sounds familiar, it's because the problems online are truly pervasive. In fact, I've actually had to deal with such baloney myself, luckily, they didn't go after my family, still, it's amazing the amount of damage to one's reputation someone can do online in the short term when they have it out for someone. It's truly unfortunate, it's worse than political character assassination. And this whole concept of using multiple-identities is VERY common, apparently the oldest trick in the book.

Perhaps, this is why I favor the concept that people use their "real" identities online, all of the time, although many who claim they want privacy say anonymity is better, and safer, healthy, and allows for grievances without repercussion. I hear that argument, still I do not concur, I'd like to have everyone use their real names all of the time. What can someone do when a psychopath pulls out all the stops and attacks their reputation online?

Well, there are various online companies that offer "reputation" blocks, and are able to either bury stuff in the search engines, or cause such pages to become non-listed for a period of time. I am not sure how that works, but I am assuming it does work because these companies seem to be making money doing it.

The reality is, and I am certain this isn't news to you, there are screwed up people in the world, it's too bad really, but humans seem to have some sort of vengefulness built in and then they sometimes go off the deep end. In this case, the individual who has been traumatized does most likely have a good case against this individual, but it costs money to hire a private investigator, locate them, serve them, and get a restraining order, and if the person is mentally problematic then, they'll just get angry and do more harm using more fake aliases using different IP addresses around their city, public WiFi, etc.

Sure, it might be easy to trace it, but they might leave their mark on a 100 or more websites all over hells-half-acre in the mean time, proliferating online. So, it's almost as if and I hate to say this, but; there is nothing you can do. Still, from a philosophical standpoint and I know this may not make you feel any better, especially if you've been a victim; you have to be strong, and stronger than those who oppose you, through your own personal will, and strength of character. So, please consider all this and think on it, deal?

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