F-Commerce - The Best Practices

F-Commerce stands for Facebook commerce and is a form of commerce that is based on using Facebook to assist in buying or selling products online. Best practices concerning this form of commerce are varied with the main basis of these practices being exclusivity. In terms of exclusivity, those using Facebook to carry out business should focus on being unique. Fans of a product should also be empowered to advise on brands through voting on preferred items. Clients should also be rewarded for sharing information about products within the social networks. Users should also be communicated with in a consistent, effective manner.

Customer service departments should use Facebook as a way to interact with customers on a regular basis making sure to use new Facebook services to make the interaction more beneficial. Store websites should be linked with social sites like Facebook. The business should ensure that their customers' needs and fears are addressed in their privacy terms. Updates from the business could even drive customer traffic. F-Commerce should be linked to in-store promotions in order to create loyalty and increase store traffic through, for example, free samples. Ensure that every customer interacted with through this type of F-Commerce should be followed up with, because word of mouth is crucial.

Businesses should allow consumers to control their content by allowing them to comment and contribute freely. Business information affecting the clients should be easy to find and easy to share among clients. Pages should be branded in such a way that they are easy to find when searched for within social networks. The business pages should be created in such a way as to reach and attract the target market while ensuring value is delivered. Those using F-Commerce should ensure that they use the tools provided by the various social networks to analyze data in order to make informed decisions that will improve their business.

The look of the company's Facebook presence should be similar to the one at the store location to create a mental link between the two stores. Social networking through creation of communities should be encouraged to ensure some form of loyalty and engage the customers. When using the social networks, updates should be made in such a way as to solicit customers' feedback. The Facebook page should also be continually updated; one way is to upload pictures every day or couple of days. The page should be used to give information to clients in regards to future store activities, e.g. sales.

A company's Facebook page should preferably be linked to other popular social networking sites, for example Twitter and LinkedIn. Videos of high quality should be used to augment the effect of photo images and increase traffic to the page.

F-Commerce is the future of internet retail. If your organization is looking to use this channel, visit our website to learn tips and tricks.

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