Simple Ways To Build An Online Brand

ByPeter S. White

A brand is much more than a matching logo, letterhead and website. A brand should be the foundation of all your advertising and marketing material.

In fact, your brand should shine through everything that represents your business.

A brand helps you forge a relationship and build trust with existing and potential customers. And it's just as important to build your brand online as it is offline. Where to start?

Where to build
The internet is the first place potential customers are likely to use to find out about you and your products. The internet enables you to reach, talk to and attract people from all parts of the globe, so it's important to build a good brand online.

Until recently, a website used to be the sole tool for achieving this and, of course it's still a vital tool, but in the last decade social media has developed. Its continual rise in popularity makes it hugely influential and important for any brand.

So, giving you advice on the best way to use social media will help you build your business's brand.

Blogging on your website
Blogs are a great way to build a brand online because they provide your customers with constant content.

A blog will also maximise the value of your content. Using fresh and unique content in a blog will improve your search engine optimisation, which can only help develop your business.

Even though it's free to use, the content of a blog should be beneficial for your customers. This will ensure that your rapport with customers will be strengthened and they'll keep returning to your site.

Producing a blog demonstrates that you're not just out to make money, but that you want to speak to and relate with your customers. This, in turn, affects how you're perceived by them and continues to build your brand and therefore your reputation.

A response to your blog post is what you're looking for. This interaction with your customers means that they'll be able to leave comments for you and forward your blog to others, thus making your content even more valuable.

Networking with social media
Sites such as Facebook

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