420 Characters

420 CharactersAmazon Best Books of the Month, December 2011: Lou Beach takes the prize for best Facebook status update on nearly every page of 420 Characters. Most of us find it difficult to reduce the dayâ??s events or our current emotional state to just 420 characters with spaces and punctuation, yet Beach manages to tell entire stories within these strict confines without losing anything youâ??d expect from a story with no character limit. These micro-stories range from funny to tragic to absurd, illustrated by Beachâ??s original artwork and collages. Taken separately, theyâ??re the stories of dreams, both broken and realized; of relationships healthy and strange; of disillusionment and contentment. Taken together, theyâ??re the story of life--or lives. Though there arenâ??t any overtly recurring characters, the stories still combine into a powerful cohesive whole thatâ??s just as fun to read straight through as it is to read in chunks of 420 characters or less. --Malissa Kent

Price: $22.00

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