How To Handle Negative Facebook Comments Effectively To Retain Irate Fans

You can use Facebook comments as an effective medium to communicate, interact and stay connected with both your customers and prospects. You should encourage your Facebook fans to post comments and share their suggestions, feedback and observations. But when you allow your fans to post comments on your Facebook business page, they are free to share their positive as well as negative comments. Therefore, every Facebook page owner or administrator find it daunting to handle negative comments posted by their fans.

Negative comments can also create an adverse impact on the minds of other fans. It becomes significant to exercise patience and respond to negative comments in a proper manner to save your online reputation and goodwill.

Here are 4 ways to handle negative comments on your Facebook fan page...

Respond Immediately to the Comment

The most effective way to handle negative Facebook comments is to respond without causing any delay. When you don't avoid or delay responding to the negative issue, the same may create the wrong impression on the minds of your fans. Also, there are always chances of the user posting additional post on your fan page due to getting angry. You can always respond to the fan in a polite and respectful manner to convince him that you value his opinion.

Respond to the Original Post

As a Facebook page administrator, you have all the rights to ignore negative comments by deleting and removing the post. However, you cannot expect only positive feedback and comments on your products promoted on your business page. Sometimes the absence of negative Facebook comments on your fan page wall affects the overall credibility and transparency of your business. You must respond to the original post shared by the user in an open and public manner. The same may result in a series of comments and responses, but the action will raise your online reputation of your business within the popular social networking community.

Exercise Patience

It is always advisable to compose your reply with a calm and patient mind, before posting it on your Facebook fan page. Sometimes a quicker and irresponsible response may lead to continuing arguments and allegations. Therefore, you must exercise patience and respond to any negative Facebook comments using your understanding of the product and associated industry. While responding to the comment, it is important to understand the exact reason behind their anger or frustration. Once you place yourself in your customer's shoes, it will be easier to identify any fault in your business. By responding to a negative comment after understanding its root cause, you can impress as well as retain your irate customer.

Ask the Fan to Remove the Negative Comment

You can handle negative comments posted by a fan off your fan page. Instead of posting your response on your Facebook fan page, you can send personal message to the fan on Facebook to address his complains. After discussing the issue privately, you can close the argument by posting the response on your Facebook fan page. As the fan will be satisfied with the private response, he will not post any further comments on your Facebook fan page.

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