As Facebook remedial measures

As Facebook remedial measures: Facebook to existing products without modification, to deal with legal action. But in the year, more users will 2008 Facebook attract and investor so desperately wants the attention to end this problem. ConnectU are the founder Facebook paid $65 million, actually ConnectU Dege assets are purchased. ("Fighting Club" (Fight Club) Director David Fincher) David Fincher (about the origins of Facebook filmed movie "The Social Network" (a) a social event is detailed why.) The film reveals theater appears officially in this fall.

Enter project Wirehog

Occurs: autumn 2004

Event: two insiders TechCrunch disrupt innovation at this year's meeting, said Facebook CEO Mark Mark Zuckerberg (Mr. Zac early 2004) a P2P has led released the young file-sharing service and the service, the Wirehog almost to Facebook on half way.

Two industry insiders were music-sharing service Napster founder Sean Parker (Sean Parker has) and "The Facebook effect" (Facebook) have the author of the book David ko Patrick (David Kirkpatrick).

According to Tony Parker said Zack Berger memories of Wirehog and Facebook was also very serious are. Wirehog far on foot at the top of the times start Zack Sulzberger and then do not even have f8 development platform. But ko Wirehog project, said Patrick were suspended in early 2006.

Early Facebook user remember Wirehog this additional project, Facebook users can use music file-sharing images with friends Wirehog and. People feel be surprised, was almost only a few customers have privacy problem, maybe because Facebook only in the United States at some universities is open. And users can use Wirehog is less.

Like Facebook: Early in a tangle of quiet, Wirehog before the advent of file sharing many anti-piracy veins, left fighters, so it is not hard to imagine, BenZ slope Saba, Facebook, if investors first of all, think how much a service, that leads to some of the obstacles. But, according to people familiar with the Wirehog project said halfway through were cut because Facebook Poineering group Wirehog fast development, enough to Facebook and its influence.

Facebook Wirehog workaround: how was closed. More importantly, started Facebook Wirehog played very indifference. According to sources, this is not true. In fact Zack Nico Rosberg and Facebook co-founder, particularly early team Andrew an ardent expectations were Michael LAN (Andrew McCollum) to Wirehog and this Wirehog have potential and Facebook vie.

But in the year 2007, such as Facebook Developer Platform, the Wirehog in life launched see the philosophy behind the development of Facebook, which uses forms Facebook user identity and social relationship for another application has deeply influenced basis.

Dynamic message forced

Occurs: September 2006

Event: now stupid is incomparable and not always, but in fall of 2006, Facebook users a sudden lift revolt against the site called dynamic message (News) of the new function are. This function will appear to user friend home on the whereabouts of the polymerization, rather than spread in the user their archives page, so that Facebook users initially claimed that this feature their desire to travel, such as a tracking let you same.

Like Facebook mess of: now in hindsight, we Facebook in social networking find area for a long step and roll-out dynamic message will annoy users this function it is to take risks. However, Facebook may way more moderate, not suddenly time to feature of the introduction for the user taking part.

Facebook how to fix: Zack Berger writes the blog on Facebook said: "we this really screwed." Then to Facebook not choose increases, the user privacy control options, some of the operation on the first page in friends to show such as such as relationship change state, etc..

Cancel the lighthouse program

Occurs: November 2007

Event: 2007 Facebook in New York City published in Lighthouse project (beacon) advertising, which is Facebook ads general advertising as part of the project. Facebook users in the lighthouse advertising cooperation project Web site for each operation involved, this data into the Facebook website, including users in the shopping cart display behavior on Yelp site in the blockbuster notes in the behavior of the lease. Privacy fighter war not in activism groups, including the MoveOn. The most clangorous org, the Group has claimed that this practice violates strongly the user's privacy rights and interests.

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