Discover The Main Benefits of Facebook Marketing on Your Business

Facebook has achieved overwhelming success in the online market. The site's ability to connect old acquaintances and strengthen existing friendships has led to its worldwide adoption among socially savvy computer users. This unique social networking platform has also become wildly popular among companies that want to market their products to a broad swath of the population.

Because Facebook makes most of its money on advertisements and micro-transactions, the site is constantly trying to attract new users from around the world. Although Facebook accounts are free, the site sees each new user as a potential customer who may generate revenue by clicking on advertisements or buying virtual goods in social games. Facebook wants other companies to benefit from this captive audience; since most of the site's money comes from ad revenue, it needs advertisers in order to survive.

Facebook marketing has become a massively successful way of selling products to an eager base of consumers. The site's "Page" system makes it easy for fans of a company to "like" a page with a single click of the mouse. Business owners can reach a wide audience even if the product they are selling is usually considered something that will only appeal to a niche market. Because users can see the pages that their friends have "liked," they are likely to sign up to receive updates from these businesses as well. This provides free internet marketing for small businesses that cannot afford massive ad budgets.

Some companies and celebrities may also choose to create their own profiles. These profiles are more versatile than pages because they allow users to have a base of "friends" that they can interact with in various ways. Because Facebook does cap the number of friends that one profile can be connected to, the "Page" feature may be a better option for large businesses.

Facebook has made internet marketing easier than ever. Companies can use the site to advertise their events for free. The "Events" feature allows users to invite all of their friends to a party, charity fundraiser, corporate event or concert in a few simple steps. All of the invited users can then pass the invitation along to their friends. Facebook does not charge for the "Events" feature. This convenient event planning program can be a serious money saver for businesses that are interested in Facebook marketing.

Larger businesses with an advertising budget to spare may want to consider buying ads on Facebook. Since users' Facebook profiles contain a great deal of information about their personal preferences, it is easy to target ads at a specific group of users. Advertisers can type in the keywords and demographics they want to target and gain immediate access to the users who would be most interested in their products. Companies can choose whether they want to pay per click or per view for their advertisements. This system makes internet marketing easier than ever for business owners who do not have extensive experience with purchasing ads online.

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