Facebook business pages for entrepreneurs Demystified

Facebook is so popular that entrepreneurs simply no longer a site just for socializing and games play it suitable to consider. In fact, in September 2010, surpassed Facebook Google in relation to the amount of time users on their website spent. Facebook means that users spend more than 700 billion minutes per month on Facebook!

With 500 million active users, Facebook is the new behemoth on the Web. With their popularity in different age groups, integrated e-Mail program and new Bing search integration to a Facebook user simply visit Google for Web searches or unsubscribe, use an e-Mail program. You can all experience in Facebook may be on the Web completely. With more than 50% of active users logging into Facebook daily, according to Facebook Facebook life, is now so important for your potential customers that it makes sense for you as an entrepreneur, a presence to have where are your prospects on a daily basis.

Let's clear a few things that have confused entrepreneurs on Facebook. First, a business site is not to be confused with a personal profile. They are two separate units and offer various options and opportunities to interact with friends and colleagues.

Hot business pages and fan pages?

Many of you have used Facebook for a while to remember that Facebook uses to invoke business pages - fan pages. Also used, it be that someone they "fanned". Now they "You". Not confused into thinking that a fan page is a different product than a business page they are in the same.

You begin by establishing a personal Facebook profile all Facebook business pages. That's right, your personal profile! You can set page not only to business you jump. The e-Mail address and name, you need to use for your personal profile to a person and not a catch - all email like Info@mydomain.de be bound. Keep in mind that if you a staff member of's personal profile part have set up for your business site, you do not want it gives the new account e-Mail, that you not access to when they leave the company to bind. If they do this and your deal with allow, you could lose access to your Facebook business page, all of your accumulated fans and information without recourse.

Setting you I recommend generally entrepreneurs creating a established a new email address specifically for Facebook. After you have set up the personal Facebook profile, you're ready to start. But take no time to get information how other details in this special account add education, if you want to use for your own personal use. You are only this account set up to launch a platform and access to have you on your new Facebook business page.

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