Knock Knock Nifty Notes Paper Tweet Pad

Knock Knock Nifty Notes Paper Tweet PadEver wish you could tell someone how you feel, but the words don't come? With Knock Knock's portable, communicatory Nifty Notes, you can pass judgment, spit wit, and even apologize. With hilarious and non-passive-aggressive interpretations of etiquette and conversation, our Nifty Notes will help you get your point across - one sheet at a time. Get on the social networking bandwagon with a cutting-edge note pad! The wireless miracle of pen and paper will have you expressing your mundane, or even pressing, thoughts anytime, anywhere! Did you lose your cell, did your battery run out of juice? Don't worry, we have your social networking fall back. Knock Knock's Paper Tweet note pad is just what one needs in these desperate times. Pad even works out of cell tower range. Note pad is 4 x 5.25-inches with 50 sheets with an adhesive binding.Nifty Note Pad with 50 sheetsEach Note Pad is 4 x 5.25-inchesPaper Tweet Note Pad uses the wireless miracle of pen and paper while still letting you master the art of brevityNifty Note Pads provide modern-day etiquette for the massesKnock Knock creates original, authentic, noncynical products for the impish, the dapper, the droll, the young-at-heart, and those who prefer the humor of the truth to false feel-good affirmations

Price: $6.43

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