Refer To Facebook Help Section to Smoothly Run Your Ad Campaign

Before running a Facebook advertising campaign, you must refer to Facebook's help section to gather information on what is accepted and what's not. Along with the normal Facebook how-to and troubleshooting tips, the help section also provides you with some valuable information on launching an advertisement campaign on Facebook. If you are exploring the available option to promote your products, services and business activities before millions of regular Facebook users, you can easily gather the relevant information from the help section. In addition to the generic details of how to start a Facebook advertisement campaign, you can further collect information about the cost of campaigns and some of the best practices implemented by other advertisers and online business owner.

Cost of Advertising Campaign

The Facebook help section provides you information on the two basic advertising models available to promote your business. You have options to choose from Cost Per Click (CPC) or Cost Per Thousand Impressions (CPM) models. When you choose CPC model, you have to mention the specific amount you can pay per a single click on the displayed ads. At the same time, CPM model allows you to determine the amount you can afford to pay for every 1000 impressions or views of your ads. Based on your advertisement budget, you can choose the relevant advertising model by evaluating their cost and benefits.

Design and Content of Your Ads

You can even refer to Facebook help section to find tips to design your ads in an impressive manner. Facebook has made it mandatory to design your ads by including an image. Further, you need to incorporate relevant keywords in both title and text of your ads. Your ads also need to be designed in a simple and professional manner to hold the attention of Facebook users and convince them to click on it. If you are new to social networking ads, you can always refer to ads best practices section to find some useful tips on the overall designs and content of your Facebook ads.

Target the Right Segment of Customers

As an advertiser you want your ad to appear before the right segment of customers. The Facebook help on advertisement also recommends you to incorporate certain criteria to control the display of your ads. Based on the nature and location of your business, you can run your ad campaign by targeting prospective customers residing in certain geographic location. Similarly, you also have options to target customers based on their interests, preference and age group. These criteria will have a significant impact on achieving a higher click-through and conversion rate for your Facebook ads.

Regular Monitoring and Evaluation of Your Marketing Results

Facebook has made it easier for you to monitor, track and evaluate the performance of your ads. When you refer to the Facebook help section, you can understand the most effective ways to optimize the outcome of your Facebook advertisement campaign. You have an option to experiment with your ads by using different keywords and text. Based on the click through rate achieved by your individual ads, you can easily determine the exact performance of these ads.

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