4 Ways To Use Facebook Notes To Drive Traffic To Your Website

Facebook notes can be used as an effective tool to attract visitors to your website or blog.

Along with writing the content, you also have option to format the content by making the words bold, italics, underlined and bulleted.

However, Facebook does not allow you to insert any hyperlink to establish a direct connection between the note and your website.

You have to explore and implement a number of techniques to use notes created on Facebook for marketing and advertisement purposes.

There are also a number of ways to use notes to attract more visitors to your business website...

Appear on Others Facebook Walls

While creating and publishing Facebook notes, you have option to tag other people.

Tagging allows you to connect note with your Facebook fan page.

Therefore, when you are publishing a fresh note on Facebook, the same can appear on your wall along with the walls of people already tagged by you.

However, you have to ensure that the note is not considered as spam by others.

When the content is fresh and informative, it will be effective in impressing tagged Facebook users and encourage them to visit your website to avail some additional information about you.

Include the Right Set of Keywords

Facebook notes also appear as part of various search engine and social networking result pages.

If your note is designed by including certain search engine optimization (SEO) techniques, the same will appear on top of the search results page.

Therefore, you must spend some time in selecting the most relevant keywords to be included in notes published on Facebook.

When your note appears on your Facebook fan page, the URL of the page will appear as part of the search engine results page.

As your fan page is linked with your business website, notes will be indirectly helpful in diverting more Facebook users to your website.

Post Regular Notes

Many people prefer to compose and publish Facebook notes with higher word counts.

But it is always advisable to write and post shorter notes. Instead of posting longer posts, you can regularly post short notes to get more traffic to your website.

Further, short and simple notes will be effective in impressing more Facebook users and convincing them to visit your website.

The posting of multiple notes will also boost the rank of your fan page on both Google and Facebook search results pages.

You can further concentrate on publishing fresh content by providing some tips and information to Facebook users that they can use in their daily lifes.

Updates Via RSS

Facebook allows users to get updates/subscribe to your fan page using notes.

As Facebook users have already subscribed to your blog, they will be interested in reading notes posted by you on your Facebook wall.

However, notes must contain some fresh information to keep users engaged and convince them to read the content in full.

This action will be very much effective in diverting additional traffic to your website.

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