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In the United States, a Silicon Valley District "Thriller" is there for a few days world famous PR companies hire safe "Hired Guns" against Internet giant Google hurt wrote the privacy of users, but the trash mysterious employer been behind not known. Google in guess times after each major rival, 12, mystery solved, "mysterious person" was the first major social networking site Facebook (Facebook nets). Insider showed, Facebook founder, "small Gates" Zack Borg red "in the face", but Facebook company refused to apologize, and insists, this is not for Google's "Defamation". An interesting phenomenon is that Google not on Facebook, with the attack has American media say Google, the "self Facebook is evil act victims" to accept status. The "American network civil war" of the world captures every big media viewers, but to Facebook and Google comments are all five top 10 cards, play finally in leak privacy of the users, two praise is not so good. Japanese TV program dedicated to comment on when these technologies said that the world economy is the last word of chaos, is worse than none.

Blackened opponent, Facebook began the current. For the "secret U.S. media war" description, much like a Hollywood blockbuster the crane gives the extent person appetite even people "for Watergate memories".

This is what happened. On 3 may American blogger Christopher Sophie Ann received from the world famous PR firm Boya company e-Mail. Email saying Google was the privacy of Internet users violate, but the mainstream media does not disclose the company collect user privacy and recommended actions in Sophie Ann against Google article written and published in the Washington Post can "and" Hector Fenton reaction post, politico political news website, etc. to ensure. The heavyweight media however Sophie Ann rejected the proposal, Boya and exchanges he E-mails released, the blog content. "United States this E-mail today newspaper then published content first and accused Boya as" an unnamed client "spread against Google gossip." The news spread extensively, was exactly who is calling a "mysterious" U.S. media clients dedicated to unsolvable puzzles. Is a suspected the object become Google rivals Microsoft and Apple. However presented 12, the answer is surprised. On this day, the American news website "Animals" exposure "an unnamed client" is daily social networking of giant Facebook.

Identity was revealed, Facebook spokesman immediately recognize that the company Boya against Google loads. But Facebook also a statement for himself, "we do not approve or try to use" the strategy of blackened "opponents we can confirm a third agencies expect, people social don't want their information about the Facebook of Google without authorization or other website" "collected use." In addition Facebook insisted that "we have no intention of Google does not they recognise caused defamation", "We need not to apologize."

Boya Chief Executive Mark Penn also confirmed that the Boya in fact claimed setting, by Facebook, that Facebook needs Boya his own name. But Boya is also excused himself said. "no matter what the hell out of reason, not that comply with all company standard operating procedures, also against the policy of the company." "This should be rejected, delete."

However, Google has this event to mention a major party. The United States "the request website" 13, said Google probably analysis to its own "Facebook evil act victims" to accept this fact.

And Facebook Chief Executive, Internet sector "super Parvenu" Zack Borg was opinion target. AFP says, that the action to Zack Borg blackened red "in the face." American Dartmouth College Professor Paul al GanDi said: "Chief Executive often posted at the mouth of responsibility?" Germany in le Monde newspaper "real difficulties and wrong Zack Borg entitled points out, Facebook's behavior on the Internet at the bottom line means political deep also privacy, Zack Feinberg for young a price to pay."

The two giants of Silicon Valley mask game

This caused worldwide media group Internet giant wars, fact is Facebook and Google have deteriorated outbreaks after many years of one overall.

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