Can You Put Analytics on Facebook?

You can choose from different analytics tools for Facebook depending on your budget and needs.

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In September 2011, Nielsen reported that Facebook was by far the most popular website among American Internet users. Each month, we spend 53.5 billion minutes on the social media network. To get a better idea of how those minutes play out on your own Facebook page, you can add analytics to track and measure conversations, responses and interactions. Facebook provides its own analytics tool, but you can also install other free and paid programs with various features.

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Facebook Insights is a free analytics tool provided by Facebook to page administrators and platform developers. Facebook Insights allows you to track activity including likes and unlikes, numbers of fans, page views, mentions, wall posts and comments. In March 2011, Facebook upgraded its analytics platform to provide real time data on metrics. Data can also be exported and broken down by visitor demographics like age, gender and country.

Free Solutions

Google Analytics is another free tool you can put on Facebook to track activity. Google provides you with specific code to copy and past in your Facebook page. This code measures likes, unlikes and shares. According to a March 2010 on Social Media Examiner, adding Google Analytics to Facebook can require some special tweaking. Facebook has limited support for the JavaScript code provided by Google. However, you can find additional tools online that help you better connect the two technologies.

Paid Solutions

If you are willing to pay for an analytics solution, you can invest in a platform like Webtrends, Kontagent or Attensity. Webtrends takes information from your Facebook page and applications, and provides data on campaigns, comments, fan activity, likes and shares. With Kontagent, you have the ability to measure how well you are retaining your audience over days, weeks and months. The real-time tracking application looks at user behavior and helps you define filters and funnels for more customized analytics. The Attensity product sends you real-time alerts for comments, survey responses and posts. This tool also provides sentiment analysis for you to determine if your audience is feeling positive or negative toward your brand, product or service.

Benefits of Facebook Analytics

When you add analytics to your Facebook page you can learn a great deal more about your audience and how they are interacting with you. An analytics tool can give you insight into basic information such as numbers of fans and numbers of likes, but it can also tell you much more. These tools show you what time of day or what day of the week your engagement is highest as well as which posts, surveys or apps are garnering the most attention. You can also find out how people are finding your page and how long they are staying once they land there.

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