How to Do a Reunion on Facebook

Facebook groups and events allow you to publicize your reunion.

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Facebook, the social networking website, has made planning your school or family reunion easier. Through Facebook, you can reach members of your family or graduating class with whom you might otherwise have lost touch, and you can allow everyone to have input in the reunion's events, location or menu. While anyone can create an event called "Edgewood High School Class of '99 Reunion" or "Smith Family Reunion," you maximize attendance by taking full advantage of Facebook's applications and features.

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Create a group for the reunion. Groups have more apps than events, such as message boards and polls. Click "Create Group" in the left column of your home page. If you are planning a school reunion, click "Open" for privacy so it will be easy for members of your school to find. If you are planning for a family reunion, click "Closed" because you are planning a more intimate event. Invite any members of your family or graduating class whose Facebook profiles you can access, and encourage them to spread the word.


Create an event page for your reunion. Click "Events" in the left column of your home page, then click "Create an Event." If you are planning a family reunion, deselect "Anyone can view and RSVP" so no one from outside your family can crash your reunion. If you are planning a school reunion, select "Anyone can view and RSVP" to make it easier for your classmates to find the page. Include a link to the group you created in the "More Info" field for the event. That way, anyone who you invite to the event will be able to follow the link to the group and access the polls and message boards.


Determine whether you want to show the guest list on the event page if you are hosting a school reunion. This can either help or hurt attendance. People who see that their friends are attending the reunion will be more likely to attend themselves. However, if someone sees a guest list with few familiar names, he may choose not to come. If you are having a family reunion, there's no reason not to show the guest list.


Provide news and updates about the reunion on the group page, such as event schedules or menus. Give attendees the opportunity to vote on what they'd like to see at the reunion in polls. This will build excitement for the event and make people more likely to come.


Scan the friends lists and comments of your friends regularly to find other members of your family or class. Invite anyone you see who hasn't already replied to the invitation or joined the group.

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