How to Get Coins on "Cooking Mama" on Facebook

FoodHomeStyleMoneyFamilyHealthShiftMore This SeasonSimplify the SeasonFriendsgivingTailgating HomeInternetFacebook InformationFacebookHow to Get Coins on "Cooking Mama" on FacebookHow to Get Coins on "Cooking Mama" on FacebookPrint this article“Cooking Mama” originated on handheld game systems, such as the Nintendo DS, and is now available as a free Facebook gaming application. In this game, you must cook specific items based on goals in your game’s cook book. As you complete goals and fill your menu for customers, you earn coins within the game. Coins allow you to purchase the ingredients you need to cook the meals and advance through the game.

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Launch the “Cooking Mama” game from the “Games” section of your Facebook account.


Complete game goals from the “Goals” section of your cook book by cooking the type of food specified by each goal. As you complete goals, the game rewards you with coins.


Click on your friend’s icon on the left side of the screen to visit her page. Click on the “Try Menu” button to earn energy and coins. You can visit each friend only once each day.


Add food to your café’s menu, and then click the “Open Café” button in the bottom right corner. Customers automatically visit your café and eat from your menu, rewarding you with coins for each customer.


Gain levels by completing goals. Each level rewards you with coins.


Click “Cooking Mama” game announcements posted by your friends on your Facebook newsfeed. These provide coins as a reward.


Click your current coin total at the top of the screen. This brings up a transaction screen that allows you to purchase Facebook credits for real money and exchange the credits for in-game coins.

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