The Advantages of Facebook Connect

Print this articleConsidering that you can create a free account for virtually every website online, it’s easy to end up with too many accounts to keep track of. Each requires you sign up with a different process and different information, and this can take up a lot of your time. In 2008, Facebook provided a solution to this problem with the release of the Facebook Connect feature, which lets Facebook users sign up for third-party websites through their Facebook accounts.

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Facebook Connect is a feature that lets you log in to different websites using your preexisting Facebook account. Facebook Connect works with an iFrame, which means you are actually logging in to Facebook through a third-party website. Well-known websites that let you log in through Facebook connect include Amazon, LivingSocial and Vimeo. Many blogs also allow you to log in to Facebook if you want to leave a comment.

Fewer Online Accounts

One primary benefit of using Facebook Connect that you don't have to create an individual account for each website you use. With Facebook Connect you can enter your Facebook log-in information and skip the sign-up or registration process of filling out your name, email address and password. Using Facebook Connect also means you have fewer log-ins and don’t have to worry about remembering which email address and password you used for which websites.

Easy Sharing

Many websites that allow you to use Facebook Connect to sign in also allow you to post content from the site to your Facebook account. For example, photo-hosting sites such as Photobucket and Flickr let you post photos to your Facebook profile without having to copy and paste the URL or log-in. This helps you streamline what you do online, eliminating the need to switch between multiple windows in your browser.

Finding Friends

Another advantage of using Facebook Connect to sign up with third-party websites is that many of them allow you to find your friends on Facebook who are also using the website. Finding your Facebook friends on a third-party website through Facebook Connect means that you don’t have to provide that website with details for your email accounts or upload a contact file.

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