Can an Employer Fire You for a Facebook Post?

Print this articleAiring gripes about your employer on Facebook could create an uncomfortable situation between you and your boss. Still, the law may actually protect you from being fired in certain situations where you are complaining to other people about some aspect of your job, your pay or other work-related issues. Whether or not you'll be fired largely depends on the intent of your post and the content of the messages you post.

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If you post sensitive information on Facebook, you may be terminated. Sensitive information may be inside information that the company does not want leaked to the general public. Normally, you'll know exactly what kind of information needs to remain private. If you've signed a nondisclosure agreement, or your work contract prohibits certain activity that could compromise your employer's business, you may be prohibited from posting about this material. You could also face legal repercussions if you decide to violate your nondisclosure or work agreement.

General and Specific Complaints

You may generally make any complaint you want about your employer in regard to pay, work hours, working conditions or any other issue concerning the formation of a union or workers' rights. If your employer attempts to terminate you for posting such material, you should be protected under the National Labor Relations Act; the act prohibits employers from punishing employees who are part of a union when they talk about workplace conditions, wages, or forming a union.

Statements of Fact

You should not fear making public posts on your Facebook account about your workplace conditions, how terribly your boss treats you or any other poor working conditions to which you are exposed. You should, however, be mindful to post issues that are statements of fact, since you are not allowed to make libelous remarks about your employer.


If your employer is punishing you unfairly, or you are fired for making a post on Facebook, you may have rights to return to work under the National Labor Relations Act. You should contact your union representative and speak with her about the proper procedures to follow. You may need to hire a lawyer to defend you in court, depending on your specific situation.

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