Can You Put Layouts on Facebook?

Print this articleMore than a means to connect and share, Facebook is also a medium of self-expression for its users. With the same colors and layout on every profile, it can be hard to make your personality stand out. Check out the third-party tools available to help you prettify your profile with layouts.

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Many online blogs and social networking sites allow users to customize their pages by changing the color, background image and layout. Facebook is an exception to this. There are no personalization features in the social networking site that would let the user modify the default white and blue theme in any way. Users cannot design their own themes, and Facebook does not provide a theme library from which to choose.


Some third-party developers have found ways to circumvent Facebook's restrictions. Websites such as PageRage and FreeCodeSource offer Facebook layouts or "skins" that users can apply to their accounts. To use a third-party layout such as these, you install the developer's plug-in on the Web browser you use to surf Facebook. These plug-ins make it appear to you as if your layout has changed to the theme you chose. With a customized layout, you can do things such as add a background image to your profile or change colors. You can switch between layouts made by the same developer so long as you have the correct plug-in installed and enabled.


To apply a Facebook layout for the first time, go to the creator's website and locate the plug-in you need to download. Read the terms of agreement and if you agree to it, download and install the plug-in according to the directions. Search for a theme you like -- a theme based on your favorite movie or hobby, for example -- and click the layout. Look for a "Select This Layout" button or similar to make it your Facebook theme. You may need to reload your page to see the changes. You can return to the same developer's site and choose a different layout if you want to change it.


While third-party Facebook layouts may be visually appealing, they have a serious drawback; other users can't see them unless they have the same plug-in installed on their browsers. If a friend of yours uses a layout, you cannot see it unless you install the plug-in your friend used to apply that theme.


Beware of installing Facebook plug-ins or applications, as some contain malware, spyware or other harmful code. Check for reviews, news and feedback on the layout plug-in you want to try before you use it. Most importantly, keep your data secure and update your antivirus and anti-spyware programs regularly.

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