Curating Content: How to Find the Best Content to Share With Your Audience

ByNathaneal Mohr

This is an article on how to curating content in a way that makes it as easy as it can be to find the right information to share with your target audience. Once you know how to move closure to actually being able to curate content because you know your ideal customers really well; you then have to find a system for actually curating the content that gives you the highest level of content possible while spending as little as possible in resources.

Here are a few simple ideas you can use when curating content.

1. Sign up for Google alerts to filter information

You can take the topical key words that you know are interesting to your ideal customers and get an email sent to you every time Google indexes one of those topical keywords in the news, or blog or new website or video. You can have the emails show up once a day, week or even as they show up online. You can use this to find out what is being said about a product or service. You can use it to follow and share updates on a news story. You can use Google alerts to even find out what others are saying about you.

2. Use Google reader for curating content

Using Google reader is a great option. Google reader is a web based RSS feed reader. You can search for blogs and other resources that us RSS and subscribe to it using Google reader. If you're new to RSS don't be intimidated its really no big deal once you get into it. The reason I really like Google reader is because once you have a nice list of market leaders in your feed reader you can have a simple way to be one of the first people to share the best information in your market place. And speed can play an important part in the development of those that follow you; especially if you don't have a lot of other reasons that someone would follow you.

3. Monitor other influencers when curating content

There are going to be people in places like Google Plus, Facebook, twitter and LinkedIn as well as certain bloggers that have a large amount of influence and are curating the same topics as you. Follow them and learn from them. They will have a good grasp on your market and will be sharing information that your target audience finds important. You also want to start connecting with these people.

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