How Can I Use Twitter for Business?

ByConner R Hogan

Twitter was launched in July 2006. Since then it has continually grown, had a recent explosion in users, and started slowing down with the recent explosion of Facebook.

Does this mean Twitter is dying? No. I still use Twitter to connect with people, and send loads of Traffic to my blog. Twitter still Retweets links farther than other social media sites. Twitter is still an efficient way to grow your business.

So, how do I grow a business on Twitter? First we need to understand how Twitter works. Twitter lets you send Tweets, 140 characters or less, anywhere you have internet access to your Following. Your following are Twitter users who agreed to follow you, to receive all of your tweets as soon as you tweet them. Through these Tweets you can post interesting news about your company, or something that customers would like to see. If your customers like what you post, they can "Retweet" them to their following. Thus spreading the word about your company, and finding people who are interested in your offer.

Once you have your Twitter account set up, you will need to work on your profile. Your picture should be of you/ or your company. It needs to draw the eye to it. Have it be attention grabbing. Your tweets will show up upon thousands of other pictures. If yours stands out most, it will be clicked on the most.

Secondly, you will need a professional looking background. A twitter account with an appealing background will get much more positive feedback than a thrown together one. It is an odd statistic, but it is true. A bad background can ruin you.

Third, on your Bio, you will not need to post about your company, or your product. Place something interesting and or slightly controversial there. You only have 160 characters to play with, so try out a few different ones.

Under your bio you will want to place a link to your website. Something where these Twitter users can get to know you better. I use my blog. Others also use their company page.

Now that your account is set up what are you going to Tweet? Updates about your business? Yes. Interesting things involving your own industry? Of course!

Tweet a few things before following anyone. If you are looking for customers use this site, Twellow. This is a Yellow pages for Twitter. Search for people in your industry, and follow their followers. For example, if you are selling car parts, I would search Twellow for automotive dealers. Or car manufacturers. These companies have people related to your industry.

Check this out for more about Useing Twitter to Grow a Business.

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