How Long Can a Note Be on a Facebook Note Page?

Print this articleFacebook boasts over 800 million active users at the time of publication; these users post millions of comments and photos daily. With the restrictions that govern the length of a Facebook status, Facebook Notes provides an alternative way of expressing yourself with as many words as you desire. When you have more to say than can fit in a status update, create a note that will post direct to your wall automatically when you save it. Set your permissions for each note to specify who can see it, protecting your privacy while speaking your mind.

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Facebook Notes is a free-form section of your Facebook page that allows you to express your thoughts with more freedom in length and formatting than typical status updates. Use Notes as a blog, a way to rally support with a thorough story of your cause or a way to simply express longer thoughts and beliefs than your status window will support.

Notes Length

There are no length restrictions on the Facebook Notes section. You can create Notes that resemble blog posts, are several pages long or as short as a status update, if desired. Notes provides formatting options to include spaces and paragraph structuring for your long-form communications.

Importing Blogs

The Notes section supports importing blog posts from an established blog to share with your Facebook friends. Use the "Import a Blog" tool in the upper corner of the Facebook screen. Add your blog address and agree to the terms to activate the blog feed. Existing blog posts are automatically imported once you establish the import functionality, and all new posts appear in Notes right away.

Other Features

Tags work in published notes as they do in status updates, letting you tag friends in Facebook notes. Each published note is open for comments according to the permissions you set for each one. Notes include functionality for specialized formatting that does not function in a status including bold text, underlines and italics as well as itemized lists and HTML formatting.

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