How Santa Could Leverage Social Media

The big guy up at the North Pole has been doing his work for longer than I care to know, so far be it for me to tell him how to do it. But it's only my opinion so I thought I would pen a few ideas for him to leverage social media.

The Question and Answer platform would be great for Santa to answer a whole heap of the questions we have, without having to address every single one, by handwritten letter no less.

How does Santa manage his staff of helpers? Is there a turnover? LinkedIn would surely streamline the vetting process. Perhaps a little networking to outsource some of the manufacturing to streamline operations?

I say this because I don't think the page I liked last year is really him (he never got back to me anyway). I think the whole world would be a better place if you knew a little more of what goes on up there. The odd post with pictures of everyone getting the orders together would be great. Not to mention, we could post our wish list and share it with our friends. Santa can even create an event, counting down to when he arrives.


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