How to Add a Facebook Like on iWeb

Print this articleiWeb is a WYSIWYG Web editor that comes with Apple's iLife media package. This simple drag-and-drop Web design program makes it relatively simple for newcomers to put together a Web page. If you would like to add Facebook's ubiquitous Like button to your website, you can use Facebook's developer tools to make adding this feature a simple matter of copy-and-paste. Though none of these steps are particularly difficult, you may feel more at ease in adding the Like button if you already have some basic experience with HTML code.

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Go to Facebook's Like button plugin tools via their developer site. Enter the URL of your site to the "URL to Like" field. Adjust attributes such as width and color scheme as needed. Click the "Get Code" button to generate the necessary code.


Copy the code block from the "Your Like Button Plugin Code" pop-up dialogue. When finshed, click "Okay" to close the dialogue.


Return to iWeb. Open the "Media" menu. Drag the HTML Snippet to your page and place it wherever you want your Like button to go. This will create an empty text box labeled "."


Paste the plugin code into the HTML box. Click "Apply." The like button will now appear on your site.

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