How to Add QR Codes on Facebook

Print this articleYou can generate QR codes directly from Facebook with the "QR Code Generator" application. The app is free and lets you post the generated QR code image to your Facebook profile, page or send it as a private message to a friend on the social network. The Facebook user who sees the code needs to have a QR reader on their smart phone in order to scan, decode and make use of the code.

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Go to and sign into your Facebook account when prompted. If you are already logged in, the browser remembers your existing session.


Click the radio button for one of the options you wish to generate a QR code for. You can choose from plain text, a website address, phone number, SMS, email address and a few more options.


Fill in the required information for the particular option. For example, if you select "Plain Text," then you'll have to type a message in the "Text" field.


Scroll down the page until you get to the "General Settings" section. Click the "Generate" button to produce the image of the QR code.


Click the Facebook "Share" button and a pop-up dialog appears. Under the "Share" setting, click the down arrow icon to choose where you want to share it. This can be your personal profile, a friend's profile, a page or even private message. Type a message in the "Write Something" text field and click the "Share Link" to post the QR code to the selected destination.

Tips & Warnings

QR code can be scanned directly from a computer screen, just like it would be scanned from a piece of paper. The user must have a QR code reader.

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