How to Check in Places on Facebook for the Android

Facebook Places is a built-in feature of the Facebook app.

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Android users can check in using Facebook Places. Places gives you the chance to let your friends know where you are without the need to call or text everyone individually. As long as you have a cellular data or Wi-Fi connection on your Android phone, you can check-in with your Facebook friends. Places is a free feature to use. Before posting, it is important to understand that anyone with access to your profile can view your current location.

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Touch “Market” on your Android phone and search for the Facebook app. Touch the app in the search results, and then touch “Download.”


Touch “Accept and Download.” An icon for Facebook is placed on your phone's application drawer when the installation completes. You can monitor the progress of the app's installation from the Notification Panel at the top of your phone's screen.


Touch the “Facebook” icon and log into your account. Your News Feed is displayed after logging into your account.


Touch “Status” in the top menu, and then touch the “Places” icon beneath the blank status field. The icon is the second from the left.


Touch the place where you are located in the list of locations. If the location at which you are located is not listed, enter the location in the search field. If it is not listed in the search results, scroll to the bottom of the screen and touch “Add.”


Enter the activity in which you are engaged in using your phone's on-screen keypad. The activity will appear before your location.


Touch the "Friends" icon beneath the status update field and select friends who are with you. The friends will be tagged on their profile as being with you in the same location.


Touch “Post” in the upper-right of your screen to check in through Facebook Places.

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