How to Complain of Cyber Harassment on Facebook

Print this articleIf a contact is harassing you on Facebook by sending you insulting messages or by posting defamatory content on your wall, reporting that user to Facebook could help solve your problem and prevent other users from being harassed by the same person. You can report a harassing user to Facebook's moderation team by flagging examples of abusive messages or posts sent by that person.

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Visit the Facebook page containing a harassing comment that someone made against you. Alternatively, load the abusive private message that he sent you.


Click on the "X" next to the post or message and click "Report post or spam" if it's a wall post or "Report message or spam" if it's an abusive message.


Click on "Report." Click "It's harassing me" and click on "Continue."


Check the check box next to Report to Facebook and click on "Continue" to send your harassment report.

Tips & Warnings

In serious cases of harassment, consider reporting the person to the local authorities.

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