How to Link Contacts to Facebook on an Xperia X10

Print this articleEach Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 comes with the Facebook for Android app, which allows you to link your Facebook friends with the contacts on your phone. When you link your contacts to Facebook, their profile pictures, status updates and contact information are periodically downloaded to your Xperia X10 so the information in your contact list remains up to date.

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Tap the "Facebook" icon on your Xperia X10's "Applications" screen.


Type your email address and Facebook password into the text boxes, and then tap the "Login" button.


Tap "Sync with existing contacts" to download information about your Facebook friends who are already in your Xperia X10's contact list, or tap "Sync all" to download information about all of your Facebook friends.


Tap the "Finish" button.

Tips & Warnings

To change your link preferences after you log in, press the "Menu" key, tap "Settings" and then tap "Sync Contacts."

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