Keys to Success Online: Social Media

Everyone seems to be on Facebook and Twitter these days, and for very good reasons. These social networks make it very easy to communicate with other people, whether they're relatives living in a different country or absolute strangers who just happen to have the same interests as you. This is why being able to assimilate your online business into the social media is one of the major keys to success in online marketing. To ensure that your social media efforts are effective, however, you need to remember the following things about social media.

Open up to your customers
Social networks are all about socializing. If you don't open yourself up on social networks, then your target audience won't even bother with you. Don't just stick to posting stiff announcements and updates - try to give them an inside look at your business, and encourage them to post their feedback and comments.

Respond to comments and feedback
Simply allowing your customers to post their own opinions isn't enough to build a solid following on a social network. One of the keys to success in social networks is to interact with your audience. Respond to their comments, thank them for their compliments, and address their concerns in a timely fashion, and they'll be sure to stick around to communicate with you more.

Be nice, even if under fire
Discussions with your customers won't always be pleasant. On social networks, your customers are free to post whatever they want about you or your business - may it be positive feedback or negative flaming. If you get a lot of the latter, don't fight fire with fire; just thank them for sharing their opinion, and try to address the issue they're pointing out. Remember that patience and friendliness are the keys to success when dealing with people, so avoid getting aggressive or defensive if someone criticizes your work.

Share quality content
While it's important to remain open and friendly with your customers, don't bore them with trivial status updates and tweets. Make sure that the things you post on your Facebook wall or Twitter account contain interesting bits of information that your customers will actually want to read about. You can post interesting links to articles or posts you have on your website, or share your opinions regarding your particular field of work, or provide tutorials for people who want to follow in your business' footsteps. Posting quality content is definitely one of the keys to success in the realm of social media since it keeps your customers hooked on your page and will keep them coming back for more.

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