Should You Use an Alias to Prevent Being Trashed Online?

Are you afraid to use your real name online these days due to having been attacked on social networks, online forums, or slandered on Internet venues? If so, you are certainly not alone, as it is one of the biggest complaints online these days. Now then, there are two arguments to this issue online; one, suggests that people should be afforded anonymity and be able to use a fake name, pen-name, or handle; the second argument suggests that if everyone used their real name, no one would slander anyone else for fear they'd be verbally attacked online as well.

So, let me ask you again; are you using an alias now that you have been targeted online, and don't trust anyone anymore? I understand why you might be skittish, but you must press on. Some say they need anonymity to protect their family online, women fear for the safety, and there have been some rather unfortunate cases of death threats and actual physical violence in recent years. We've all seen news stories where bloggers have been targeted, teenagers have been hurt, or women have been abducted, raped, or killed.

Yes, that sure makes a good case for anonymity, but with all the social networking and folks freely putting up personal information, the concept of demanding privacy seems rather moot at that point right? So, what do you do when someone slams you unjustly online? Well, personally, I'd go full-tilt on the offense, but I'm a guy and I play to win, and I cannot advise this for you if you are a female, or perhaps have a serious reputation to uphold.

No matter what you do in life, provided you are doing something great, there will be detractors, disruptors, and those proverbial "psychopaths" - just know that and press on! Have perseverance and stay the course, and never give up. You owe it to yourself, your family, and your future too. See that point. This world requires that you stay strong.

Lastly, another thing that you have to worry about is that the slandering online psychopath might start using your name to post stuff, I've had that happen, they've used my name online to go around and pick fights, then I get all sorts of emails from people who are angry with me, who I don't even know! Imagine trying to apologize for something someone else wrote using your name, and trying to calm someone down who thinks you did it? Anyway, these are my philosophical thoughts, I'd like to continue this chat with you if you'd like, I suppose you can reach me by email, as I am easy to find online. Please consider all this.

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