What Is Content Curation and How Can We Leverage It in Our Marketing?

ByNathaneal Mohr

Content curation is the process of collecting and organizing different pieces of information and then republishing it to a specific audience. If you what to use content curation as a marketing tool then of course your audience is going to be the target market for your products or services.

Today there is so much noise, so many distractions in the average persons life that we as a people are becoming more and more adapted at quickly deciding what information is of interest to us and what is not. What this has meant is an that its more challenging than ever to using marketing and advertising to gain new customers.

So what does this mean to us as business people and entrepreneurs?

What this means is that best way to get your target markets attention right now and into the future... is to become smarter at how we become a consistent part of what they (your target market) are already choosing to put their attention on.

Your target market is putting small factions of their attention on different types of content and and engaging in conversations that they feel are important to them.

So How do you use content curation as a marketing tool?

The first part of our content curation definition is collecting and organizing information right? So what we want to do first is find the best resources to collect the content that is important to your target market. We can do this with curation tools like This basically gives us topics that have the highest probability of getting the attention of our target market today.

We then want to share these topics, and increase the value of gathering this information from use instead of someone else. This increases the probability of keeping the attention of our target market long enough for them to become educated on buying from use. And the longer more consistently we work towards earning the trust of your target markets attention the more the trust will grow that buying our products and services is a good idea. We can share them using tools like twitter, Facebook, or a blog. The key is to make sure you add value to the content some way. A simplest way to do that is by adding your personality to it or opinion to it.

Remember that we can do this when we include our marketing message in a none interrupting and purely helpful way with the content we are sharing. One way to do this is by relating your product or service to the content.

Content curation as a marketing tool isn't a short term tactic. This is a long term marketing practice that you want to include in your plan for attracting more customers. This skill is built over time and important to build if you want to keep the trust and attention of your market.

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