How to Delete Facebook From an EVO After Rooting It

Print this articleYou are unable to uninstall many applications set up on your smartphone, such as the HTC EVO, before rooting the operating system. Once you have unlocked the operating system through the rooting process, you are free to uninstall any application that you wish, as the security restrictions are eliminated. If you do not like the default Facebook application that Sprint includes on the HTC EVO smartphone, launch the EVO's Application Manager to uninstall the Facebook app.

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Open the Android Market on your EVO. Search for "Root Explorer." Tap the market result. Tap "Download." Tap "Agree & download" to add this application to your EVO. Launch the application from the Market or your Application menu.


Tap "System." Tap "App." Tap "Mount R/W" to receive read and write access to this folder.


Scroll through the application list to find the Sprint Facebook application listing. Long press this application listing. Tap "Delete" to remove the application from your EVO. Tap "Yes" to fully remove the Facebook application from your EVO. You can also remove other applications preinstalled by Sprint.

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