What Happens to Posts on Facebook When You Delete Them?

Print this articleWith a Facebook account, you can post status update messages on your own profile and also on your friend's profiles and pages as long as their privacy settings allow it. If you decide that you don't like something you've written, you can delete your message as well as those left by others.

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Unlike files deleted from your computer, which you can retrieve by restoring it from the recycling bin, posts deleted from Facebook are permanently removed. Facebook doesn't use a recycling bin-style system to allow its users to restore deleted posts. For this reason, deleting a given post is a final decision.


If you mistakenly deleted one of your own posts, you can type the same information, or as close as you can recall, again. If you delete a friend's post by accident, and need the information contained within the post, you can contact the friend and ask her to re-post the message on your wall.

Deleting Posts

Once you decide you wish to delete a post, hover your mouse cursor over the post until a box appears on the upper right corner. Click the icon that appears, click "Remove Post" and confirm that you wish to remove the post. If you don't want to remove the post, click "Cancel" in the confirmation box.


In the event that a friend routinely leaves posts on your wall that you wish to delete, you can block the friend from posting on your wall. Click the arrow at the upper right of your screen, and then select "Privacy Settings." From there, click "Manage Blocking" and type the name of the friend you wish to block in the designated window. The person will remain on your friend list, but be unable to post on your wall. Additionally, you can also unfriend the person, if desired.

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