The Join Me Button on Facebook

Join Me buttons can help give your Facebook page a boost in followers.

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If you're new to the world of managing social media pages, then the concept of learning about and creating a "like me" or "join me" button for your Facebook page may seem to be a lot to contend with. But with more than 800 million people using Facebook, know that the process has been fairly well smoothed out for you, ensuring you'll be able to navigate the process with relatively little hassle.

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Whether they're called "Join Me," "Like Me," "Follow Me" or anything else, these types of buttons serve the purpose of directing people toward your Facebook page. The idea is when someone clicks on the button, he will be directed to your Facebook page, where he can "like" your page and start getting your updates in his Facebook news feed. When someone sees the familiar Facebook icon on your website or blog, he'll know that you have a Facebook presence and that he can find it directly by clicking that icon.

Where to Get a Button

You'll find countless sites online willing to provide you with a "Join Me" or "Follow Me" button. While most say "Become a Fan," "Like Me on Facebook" or something similar, you'll also find a few out there with the words "Join Me" included. To start browsing the available sites that include these types of buttons, go to or and scroll through the available options for "Join Me" type buttons, or go directly to the Facebook Developers "Like Button" page at

Creating the Button

The next step is to create a button code. Go to your Facebook page and copy the URL that appears in the browser window from your page. Then navigate back to the button page of your choice, select the size, color and any other options you have for customizing the button. Paste the URL you copied into the designated URL box, and click "Get Code" or a similar button. This will generate the code you need for your button.

On Your Website

Paste your new code onto your website or blog. First copy the code that you generated, and then log into the content management system for your blog. Locate the page or sidebar where you want your button to appear, and be sure you are in "HTML" mode, as opposed to "Visual" or "WSYIWG" mode. Then paste your button code onto the page or sidebar where you want it to appear, and click "Save" or "Save Changes." Navigate to your blog or website to view the button, and click on it to make sure it directs you to the Facebook page. You've now successfully placed a "Join Me" button that directs people to your Facebook page.

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