How to Keep a Facebook Chat List on Your Desktop

Facebook chat allows you to communicate instantly with your friends.

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Keeping a Facebook chat list on your desktop allows you to instantly communicate with your friends on the site, whether you’re signed in or not. Facebook Chat was launched in February 2010 to allow Facebook users to communicate with their Facebook friends through their preferred instant messenger. You can download Pidgin instant messaging software free of charge if you don’t already use an instant messenger. Otherwise, you can use your own instant messaging program -- as long as it's supported.

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Go to the Pidgin instant messaging software website (, and click the “Download Pidgin” link.


Click “Save File” when prompted.


Double click the “Pidgin” icon on your desktop to start the installation once the download completes.


Select your desired language and click “OK.” Click “Next” once the installation wizard begins, then read the license agreement and click “Next” again.


Click to select the components you want to install with the software, then click “Next.” Choose where you want Pidgin installed and click “Install.”

Connect with Facebook1

Go to “Accounts” on Pidgin and select “Manage Account," then click "Add."


Create a new account by selecting "Facebook" from the drop-down list next to Protocol and entering the following information under “Basic” for each category:

"Username:" enter your Facebook username
"Resource:" enter “pidgin”
"Password:" enter your Facebook password
"Local alias:" enter “Facebook Chat”


Leave "Use encryption if available" selected next to "Connection Security" under Advanced, “5222” should already be entered in the “Connect port” box and "" in the "file transfer proxies box." Enter “” as the “Connect server” location, then click "Add."


Start Pidgin and your Facebook chat window appears on your desktop.

Other Instant Messaging Programs1

Sign in to Facebook. Click the drop-down arrow next to “Home” in the upper-right corner of the page. Select “Account Settings,” then click “Username” and enter a username if you don’t already have one. Enter your Facebook password and click “Save Changes.”


Sign into the instant messaging program you use and add a new account. This varies depending on the program, but is generally found under “Preferences” or “Settings.”


Enter the following information when prompted to create a new account. The information required varies among different instant messaging programs, but should include at least some of the following:

"Protocol:" enter “XMPP or Jabber”
"Username:" enter your Facebook username
"Domain:" enter “”
"Jabber ID:" enter "username

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