What Is a Facebook Canvas Page?

Use the canvas page to create apps with programming languages like Java, PHP or Python.

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The Facebook canvas page is a tool for developers that, as the name suggests, acts as a blank canvas for app creators. These apps can be part of a Facebook page's tab or they can be downloaded by other Facebook users. To use the Facebook canvas page, you need to be proficient in using a web programming code.

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A Facebook canvas page is a tool that enables developers to create apps for Facebook. Using this feature, you can build apps for Facebook with any language or tool chain that can be used for web programming, including Java, Python and PHP. When someone views a canvas page on Facebook, it fills the space below the Facebook header and to the left of the advertisement sidebar, enabling you to create apps that take up the whole width of a Facebook page.


Facebook apps have different uses, ranging from entertainment to social awareness and charity fundraising. If you have a Facebook page, you can integrate as many apps as you can create onto it using Facebook's tab feature. This enables you to customize your page beyond the basic Facebook layout, and add extra features and information. You can also create apps for release to other Facebook users, who can add them to their profiles and share them with friends.


To create an app, you will need to log in to your account and search for the "Developer App" using the search feature. Once you have approved access to this app, you can choose a title and URL for the canvas page, as well as the app's display size. When selecting size, you can choose between "Fixed" or "Fluid." Choosing the fixed size means your app will always have a fixed size of 760 pixels, while choosing to make the app fluid means that the app's content will be left-aligned and Facebook will resize it to fit 100 percent of the user's browser. You can then enter the code for the app.


When creating your app using the canvas page, you can choose which information you receive about the users who integrate your product with their Facebook page, and whether your app shares information about the user's activity with their friends. Depending on which information you receive, you can use data from your app's users to create a marketing list or produce statistics. Publishing a user's app activity can encourage their Facebook friends to integrate the app and take part themselves.

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